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Inspired by the innovative spirit of Dubai and the clear unmet need in the market for better formulated personal care, baby care and fabric care products,  we created several new brands proudly designed with the most advanced scientific approach and the essence of luxury of the Arabian culture with environment and sustainability mind.



Marssai was born in the heart of Dubai, a cosmopolitan city where East meets West and tradition meets modernity. We strive to infuse a touch of luxury and elegance into everyday consumer products. 

Marssai epitomizes a smart, consumer-centric company with an innovative approach that blends nature and science to achieve high quality products all around without compromise. Starting with USP purified water, we source the highest quality ingredients and fine fragrances to create products that are effective, safe and pleasing to the senses in terms of feel and smell. 

Our sophisticated formulae provide sulfate-free highly effective cleaning while protecting the skin’s natural barrier function.  We don’t use parabens, formaldehyde donors or any undesirable ingredient.

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PEEKABOO is a baby care brand founded and owned by AIIAL International. Our clean and scientific approach to baby care products is based on our preventative health care knowledge and ambition to create wonderful products that mothers and babies love. 

PEEKABOO Baby is free of all unwanted ingredients like sulfates, parabens, dyes, and soap. It is hypoallergenic, doesn’t like tears and has a soft snuggly smell. 

Peekaboo Baby Shampoo lathers and cleans without drying and is made with soothing natural oat extract. PEEKABOO Kids and Foam4Fun products are mild and very gentle, yet effective and fun to use.​


Keymea Pure by Marssai, Instant hand sanitizers are formulated to provide fast and effective protection against bacteria and viruses, while protecting the skin from dehydration, and imparting a soft feel, and a fine fragrance.

KP by Marssai sanitizers use 70% ethanol in order to keep the product well above the minimum required concentration of 60% used by many brands.

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