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Keymea Pure is a product development and manufacturing enterprise based in Dubai. Our team is focused on developing innovative formulations and high quality, tastefully designed consumer products through a comprehensive approach that leverages expertise from multidisciplinary backgrounds and a diverse set of talents. 

Located in Dubai Science Park, Keymea features laboratories and manufacturing facilities capable of delivering new product concepts from ideation and development to large-scale production.   



Our state-of-the-art facility launched in 2016 is located in the heart of Dubai Science Park, the first ever LEED certified building in the Middle East. In our facilities we formulate and manufacture a wide range of liquid and semisolid products from oral, skin, and personal care to home and fabric care.   

​We have invested in a highly efficient and flexible manufacturing platform with a capacity to produce over 20 million units in a variety of shapes and sizes.


Our facility reflects our philosophy: 

​We follow validated processes that are designed and built upon our long (accumulated) experience in manufacturing of clean products. 
Our platform facilitates a speedy development of advanced production where quality is key. 

We want to surpass customer expectations with all our products, and we do so through processes that exceed regulatory requirements and set a high bar for our future development.

The KEYMEA facility is one of the cleanest, most energy-efficient manufacturing sites in the region. All our manufacturing processes and products are designed and formulated to last for the future.


To be the leading regional smart manufacturer of personal care products and challenge the status quo in the industry. 

Our high quality and eco-friendly products are made in a cleaner, safer and more efficient way through naturally derived ingredients. Our mission is to combine our knowledge in preventative healthcare with our passion for science, technology and design. We strive to infuse luxury into the every day consumer market - blending nature and science through innovative products that people love.


New Growth


Sustainability is one of our core values and we adhere to the highest international standards of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and quality management concepts. We embed sustainability throughout our engineering process right from the supply chain to ingredients and packaging respecting ‘green chemistry’ practices. Our goal is to operate within the highest ethical standards possible. 

​We keep our consumers’ health and interest first, and our respect for the environment comes natural. Our ethos is clear; operate responsibly and with the least amount of waste, and make smart products that are safe, effective, and lessen the impact to our planet.

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